It’s tough to find that balance between being authentic on here yet not treating this blog as my emotional dumping ground. My issues aren’t your issues – and furthermore, why would you want to read about that crap? That’s not entertaining. But this blog IS about the fact that I’m a working mom. And lately my mind has been more preoccupied with “working” than with “mom.” This preoccupation is also why I took a short little blog break. I had a lot to swallow.

As an agency account person, we live and breathe the brands we work on behalf of. I think about those brands when I’m watching TV, when I’m shopping, when I’m on social media {those three things cover about 94% of my life}. Relationships are delicate. You can do amazing work that you’re proud of, but when new management comes in, they usually have their own relationships established. {Hint: Not with you.} It’s the single most threatening thing to any agency or outside partner.

My main client opted to put us up for review after putting new management in place. For all you non-agency people, this basically means that my boyfriend decided he wanted to keep his options open and interview other women to see if he wanted to date them more than me. Not an ideal scenario, eh?

The agency executives made the smart and difficult decision to re-pitch the business out of our New York office because they are located much closer to the client. So, although my agency is still in the pitch, it will no longer be managed out of our Phoenix office. This means that win or lose, I no longer have an account. An account manager without an account is a relatively fragile and stressful position to be in.

However, one of my dearest friends at the agency put in her notice because she knew I needed an account for a fantastic new opportunity. So as if on cue, an account opens up. Completely bittersweet.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working overtime to learn a new industry, market, business and personalities. Acquaint myself with new team members and wrap my head around their business opportunities and challenges. And tomorrow, I fly out to meet my new clients.

So although I’ve had a flurry of professional and personal losses over the past few weeks, the future is very exciting. I’ve worked at the agency for almost eight years, but feel like I have a bright and shiny new job.

And now that I’ve gotten all this off my chest and the dust has settled, YOU will have bright and shiny new posts to read this week. Onward and upward, my friends. Thanks for continuing to check in on me.

We can now return to our regularly scheduled programming.