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One of the many reasons I love AJ is that when I say, “Hi! How was your overtime shift? Great. Let’s tile the kitchen” – he’s totally game.

Ten minutes after he got home this morning we went to Lowe’s and picked up tile.

Once AJ and I get an idea in our head, we’re going to take the quickest route to make it happen. We don’t shop around, we don’t seek a second opinion. We just DO. We found a tile we both liked, bought it and started. I tried to help as much as I could, but it was pretty pathetic. About the only way I helped was having the idea. The rest was all him.

Here is our kitchen before:

This is AJ putting in the first square foot of tile:

I had Avery clean the outlet covers. She LOVED doing this. Afterwards she wanted to clean more stuff so I gave her toy cars. She is totally my kid.

And here is our tile all installed but without grout:

Here are the fire hats we got at Firehouse Subs today while daddy installed tile. Guess which one is Nolan’s:

Tomorrow I’ll show you the pics of the tile with the grout.


AJ Accidentally Took a Sledgehammer to Our Fireplace


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